Annnnd we're back!

After over 3 weeks, my domain — and my freakin' email! — are finally back up and running.

Thanks (for nothing) to Domain Registry of Canada and MyHosting for the colossal gong show / epic battle of “it's not our fault, there's nothing we can do about it, contact [the other company] and complain to them”.

The winner? Nobody: my site goes down when the domain expires, on October 12th, a full 2 weeks after I begin trying to go through the domain transfer process. MyHosting loses a customer they had had for 10 years, and DROC loses any and all future business from me and anyone who will listen to me!

Somewhere, in a parallel universe far, far away, I have time to maintain this site: that guy is busy writing articles, blogging, making effective use of social media, engaging others in the community, doing a little online activism, perhaps even curating enough content to turn his ramblings into a book... From One HTML Ignoramus to Another: How to be Codewise on the Web, or something along those lines. In this universe, in the meantime, you may visit me elsewhere:

Twisted Lime Media Inc. is a Vancouver, BC based agency specializing in: strategic communications; creative and design services; video and traditional media solutions; custom, mobile optimized websites and web applications featuring our award winning Codewise Presentation Manager solution.